Shifts and Crossovers

Time at sea is precious, so data collection and analysis on research ships happens continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The science party and ESO staff work 12-hour shifts, from midnight to noon (the night shift) and noon to midnight (the day shift).  Both shifts have some daylight and a sunrise or sunset, and both have been spectacular here in the Gulf of Corinth [see Wildlife blog]!.

With this schedule, it can be challenging for people on each shift stay informed on what the other shift has seen and learned and thus ensure that onboard efforts continue seamlessly from one shift to another.  To help with this, we hold ~15- to 20-minute-long crossover meetings at each shift change so that the departing shift can pass on updates to the arriving shift.  Meeting space for our team of scientists is limited; we either squeeze into the Science container (quiet, but a little stuffy) or meet outside (scenic and breezy, but a little loud!).  To compare and synthesize preliminary results in more detail, we also plan to have weekly science meetings in the ship’s conference room. We held our first science meeting on Halloween, and it was fun and informative to catch up on what everyone was finding and how it all fit together!


Donna Shillington


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