Cores, Coffee and Food!!

From the first few weeks of the expedition offshore, three priorities have emerged within the team. In no particular order; Cores, Coffee and Food! We’ve focussed on the cores previously so this one is about the coffee and food!

We started off well with a gift of ‘Γιαννιώτικα βανίλιας’ (vanilla butter biscuits) and ‘Πιπερόπιτα’ (pepper pie), from the family of our Greek ESO team member, Apos, when we left Corinth. These were gratefully received and kept the team going for a few days!

We also have a number of coffee making options and paraphernalia in the containers, with the kettle on a near constant boil. The first few hours of each shift see many coffees consumed, while productivity ramps up!

Meals are provided on the ship every 6 hours. This means at breakfast time for one shift, the other shift are eating their evening meal. The 5am breakfast meal is eagerly awaited on the night shift (we try not to think so much about how many eggs we are consuming!) whilst the day shift looks forward to a 5pm feast. We are well fed and treated to Fajita Friday and Steak Saturday.

In between times there are biscuits, chocolate and snacks which emerge periodically, often from the snack drawer in the Science container!

Sophie Green

Images courtesy of ATsilligiannis@ECORD/IODP and SGreen@ECORD/IODP


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