The Raffle Candy Hat

The Science Party have a slightly different take on the idea of Advent this year. Christmas started remarkably early. The Thanksgiving decorations came down on the 25th of November

and five minutes later strings of fairy lights, baubles and tinsel appeared from nowhere. Tools were downed for the next half an hour, and to the melodic strains of Bing Crosby our containers were hung with the finest decorations to be found anywhere on the Gulf of Corinth.

The Advent Calendar hangs in the Curation Container. It’s a special one, full of Swiss chocolate balls (you know the brand), and strangely became the subject of some debate. When should we start opening it? If we waited until the 1st of December, then there would be (hopefully!) six doors still waiting to be opened when we finally disembark the ship at the end of the job. This caused some serious consternation amongst some of the more confectionary-oriented members of the SP. This could not be allowed to happen! All of the chocolate must be eaten! None can be left!

So hang on…. In theory it’s 24 days from today to the end of the Expedition. BOOM! Quickly decorate a hard hat, print everyones names out and put them in our new Christmas “Raffle Candy Hat” (thanks Patrizia!) and we’re ready to draw for the first chocolate ball. All we need to watch out for is Erwan sneaking extra copies of his name in. Again.

Believe me. These things are important…


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