Hidden Depths

Our drillers and ADs are multi talented. Having the ESO team on board the Fugro Synergy has moved some of our drilling team to commit their experiences to verse. We thought these were awesome! Thanks to Sean, Adam and Dan!


Driller’s Poem

Zero to Hero in 5 easy meters,

Running around deck I’ve heard that Dan’s feet hurt.

Turning and churning were stuffing her in,

Over my shoulders the eyes are watching.

All going smooth, all happy all well,

Oh s#*t there’s sand. Good sample- farewell!!

Pulling it back, a bit nervous and twitchy,

Graham beside me his feet seem quite itchy.

Barrel on deck, here comes Dave with a frown,

Always concerned that our rates will come down.

Cheer up my handsome the bleddy things full,

I can’t believe you were worried at all.

Sean Baxter

Nightshift Driller


Rooster Box Poem

Up in the Rooster Box

Looking down from above

Waiting for the tool

To show its face from the mud

Me and my Filipino friend

Try and keep spirits high

As the driller sends us up high into the sky

Chilly today around 30 knots

But the view isn’t lost upon the oceans we cross

Shift’s almost over, time for some lunch

Chicken and chips

Yep…..every day of the month

Quick gym sesh

Then off to count 40 sheep

Sandwich Dan’s turn tomorrow

Time to sleep now…peace

ADs No.1.5 (Adam) and No. 1 (Dan)



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