A stair story

Who said science is only brain work?

A stair story… and a bit of math related to my stay in Bremen’s MARUM for IODP Expedition 381….

Knowing that: 
1) we have to process more than 1.65 kilometers of cores in four weeks
2) the samples I am in charge off are taken every 1.5 meter (around 1100 samples to go!!!)
3) the instrument for the measurement runs four samples at a time
4) one run takes about an hour
5) the sampling room is located on the ground floor and
6) the measurement room on the second floor
7) there are 48 steps to go up – and obviously the same to go down

This means: Each day I climb about 1200 steps!

Also, knowing that:
1) my hotel room is on the 5th floor
2) I decided not to use the elevator (“step mood”)
3) there are 98 steps to go up

This means: These are about 588 additional steps per day, giving a total of more than 1700 steps – although the “best” day so far is actually about 2000 steps.

And this means: Every day I  climb higher than the Eiffel tower (1665 steps) or than the Empire State building (1860 steps).

Of course in both cases I could use the lift – but that would definitely be less fun  

Johanna Lofi

Steps, lots of steps everywhere – here: Johanna’s Hotel. Photo: JLofi, ECORD/IODP

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