Visual core description

We have now reached the last meters of the core of the last drilling site M0080A. After almost four weeks after of core description, we still have some good surprises regarding the facies, structures and sedimentary processes recorded in these beautiful cores.

There are ten scientists involved in the VCD-team, which is split in two parts (morning and evening shifts). While some of them focus their observations on structures (natural or drilling induced deformation such as faults, fractures, biscuiting, etc), the rest of the team is working on the logging, which consists of reporting general sedimentological observations at the bed-scale, descriptions and interpretations on the log sheets and the digital information system. Crossover meetings between both morning and evening shifts lead to good discussions, additional changes and updates, which are necessary to provide the best lithostratigraphic column of each cores.

I cannot believe we went though more than 1645 meters of core description in four weeks. This onshore science party at Bremen was a great first experience of core description, not only as a sedimentologist, but also as a young postdoctoral fellow pursuing research in the Corinth rift.

Romain Hemelsdael

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